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Tenant wants to pay for property alterations

24 Apr 2017 | 5 comments

I have a new tenant who wants to make alterations to the property e.g change flooring from vinyl to wood and tiles. Whilst this sounds great it may involve cutting skirting boards to make shallower and altering door height, which will cause a problem if it has to be changed back at the end of the tenancy. I don’t want to stop this but want to make sure I don’t end up in a tricky situation at end of tenancy.

i am also concerned that whilst they have said they will pay for it, at the end of the tenancy they might then want to be compensated. (I have been caught out by this before).

So what wording am I safest using if I agree to it, to ensure that I don’t end up paying towards this or be threatened with removal of the fixtures at the end of the tenancy, if I decide to leave it with the changes made?
And which will cover me for any damage caused, or if it is not good, getting it put back to its original state?

Many thanks



  1. guildy

    Like you, we don’t like these arrangements because they rarely end well. If possession is needed they will argue they are having to leave sooner than expected and therefore want reimbursement for the works or, the workmanship will be shoddy.

    All we can suggest is ensure everything is documented precisely in the form of a “consent”. The consent will be subject to conditions such as it’s entirely at their expense irrespective of how long they remain in occupation and the precise works being consented to should be defined. They should be asked to agree the consent and conditions before anything goes ahead.

    We don’t have any template for this but you can send us a draft of what you propose to send if you like.

    • Louise


      I have just sent draft wording via e-mail

  2. npdl

    We’ve been in this situation as well – it would be useful to have some guidance / template letter for this in the future 😉

    • guildy

      Our advice would be don’t let them. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it end well! (But then we don’t get good reports from people – we only get calls about when it’s gone wrong).

  3. Louise

    I can say the wording I sent through to my tenant has made him think twice about it all now. I am not sure yet whether it enhances our relationship or whether he may have planned to ask for a contribution further down the track or not, but plans to change a number of things seem to be on hold for the time being.

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