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Tracing a guarantor

20 Apr 2016 | 2 comments

Tenants have vacated property owing rent. There is a guarantor in place, but they have moved house and the agency only supplied me with the guarantor’s postal address. Have tried going back to agents but was from some years ago so am struggling for additional info.

What company can I use to trace the new address of the guarantor? I only have name and previous address (though think i found her on FB, but can’t see any other useful info…).





  1. guildy

    In our experience tracing guarantors is usually succesful because they tend to be home owners and register with things like the electoral roll.

    There are quite a number available (we have no recomendations), for example see this search.

    You should expect to pay around £80 – £100 and try to get one which offers either a nil fee or low fee should the person not be found.

  2. sjcollett

    super thanks. I was hoping for a tried and tested outfit, but I see most of these are ‘no find no fee’ so I’ll give one of these a whirl.

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