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What’s the longest notice period i can give my tenant – Section 21

16 Oct 2022 | 1 comment

Reading the guidance, for a rolling monthly contractual AST I can’t serve a section 21 notice more than 6 months before the date I want to obtain procession of my property. I have a good tenant and she’s asked for as much notice as possible. I’ve said my intention is to sell the property sometime after the beginning of April 2023.

Practically, when would be the best time to serve a Section 21 notice that will give her enough time to find a new place and me sufficient time to start proceedings before the notice expires.


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  1. guildy

    You must act on a section 21 notice within six months of service.

    The length of notice must be at least two months but could be longer if you want (although there’s no need, and it wouldn’t change when to act on the notice).

    If you served notice on 10 January, it would have to be acted on by 9 July, so if that’s within your timeframe, that will work, or you can adjust when you serve it accordingly.

    Please see here for full details:

    When ready, you can download the notice from here:

    (Links go to the new website going live soon).

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