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What’s the timeframe on acting on a S21 (during covid)

11 Jan 2021 | 2 comments


In Sept 2020 I served notice on a tenant, expires in March 2021. Given current situation we are amenable to them staying a bit longer and not taking legal action straightaway, but I do not understand the time period we have if we were to try and give tenant leeway before taking action?

I have read this, but given the notice would’ve been served 6 months previous, I am now unclear


How long does the notice last?

In most cases, the section 21 notice must be acted upon (by seeking a possession order through the courts) within six months of itsĀ service. In a periodic tenancy and where the rental period is greater than two monthly (quarterly rent for example) the notice must be acted upon within four months of itsĀ expiry.



  1. sjcollett

    Ok thanks. It’s such a minefield given the ban on evictions, understanding it’s a lockdown, trying to work with tenant and remain amicable, while at the same time wringing my hands as this was a property we had intended to sell last year!

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