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When are landlords going to have legal power to protect their properties?

26 Sep 2021 | 1 comment

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£35,000 Bill For Evicting A Rogue Tenant

The law is unreasonably stacked against landlords.  Letting a property cannot be seen as a safe investment when tenants can do what they want and put landlords under severe financial and emotional pressure.  Are there any realistic powers a landlord has now?  Doing thorough referencing is not a power.  How do landlords take back some form of redress without having to incur £35k of costs and the emotional strain this puts on them?


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  1. guildy

    There are no easy answers and it should be said these kinds of claims are very rare.

    Our best advice is to always take a home owning guarantor in every case (even if the tenant is working). This gives the landlord the ability to chase another person (often a relative) for any monies and that person will be a home owner. It’s not that we would necessarily get the money but if a landlord contacts the guarantor, that guarantor will normally intervene and contact the tenant directly ensuring they either pay or leave without fuss.

    There’s a little more information about guarantors here.

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