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Who is responsible for a cooker?

1 Jun 2022 | 4 comments

We provide a cooker in all our properties. One of our tenants was provided with a new electric cooker 12 months ago after the very old cooker developed a fault. The new cooker was installed by an electrician and afterwards some electrical work was done and the whole system tested with no problems.
The tenant is now telling me that when he uses the cooker it trips the whole electrical supply to the house. He’s sent me photos of the cooker and it’s a disgrace so I expect it’s his negligence in using the appliance that is causing the problem.
How do you think I should proceed?



  1. guildy

    We would inform the tenant that you suspect it might be due to the state of the cooker. You will send an electrician, and if it’s found that it’s their fault, they will be invoiced; otherwise, you will sort.

    We’d be surprised if it were through cleanliness as cookers are generally well-sealed and designed with that in mind, but the electrician will be able to find the fault.

  2. Leezy2

    So the electrician has been to the property and concluded that the fault is the appliance due to “the condition of the hob”.
    So shall I write to the tenant and tell them they will need to replace the cooker themselves?

  3. guildy

    Yes, try it on and see what reaction you get.

  4. Leezy2

    Just written to the tenant. I checked the tenancy agreement before I did and realised the guild agreement says we’re not liable for repairs or replacement of appliances anyway! Shouldn’t be a problem, I’ll post to let folks know how it turns out.

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