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Whose responsibility is security alarm?

4 Oct 2022 | 2 comments

Hi, I’m just wondering if you could advise me on whose responsibility the security alarm for the property is. It was there when my tenants moved in. I’ve just been sent a bill for the annual maintenance of it. I could ignore the bill, or I could pay it myself, or I could pass it on to my tenants.What do you think?



  1. guildy

    I think this depends on how the bill originated.

    If this is a bill you’ve been paying previously, it will be for you to pay (but you could cancel it if you’ve not agreed to provide maintenance).

    If the tenant contacts them, it will be for them to pay in our view.

    If the alarm was faulty, the tenants should have contacted you first for repair, but if the bill is about a repair, that might be tricky, and you may have to negotiate about who should pay.

    As it happens, we were making some changes to our tenancy agreement about a new upcoming law so whilst I was on, we’ve included a little something about security alarm maintenance, which should benefit customers in the future.

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