We are working on a brand new website which will bring some extra features to the website. One of those features we have decided we just couldn’t wait and have released today under the current website.

Tenant Vetting Service (credit checks)

We have introduced a new method of paying for the Tenant Vetting Service checks which are now paid for at the time of completing the request.

This will significantly reduce the time a report will be ready for viewing by you. Because you will have paid for the report in advance, we will email you when the report is ready for viewing and you will have instant access without having to wait for an invoice and then us being notified of payment.

Each time you submit a form with a request, the appropriate product is added to a shopping cart. Once you’ve completed all your requests for that moment, simply head over to the cart and make the quick and easy payment.

Although you could always pay by card or PayPal before, it was all through paypal. Now there are separate secure card processing and PayPal so you no longer have to go through PayPal if you don’t want to.

Because the new system is designed for the new website, it may look a bit messy on the cart page and few things might look out of alignment. This is nothing to worry about as it has been thoroughly tested on the new look website which will be launching soon.

What else is changing?

Other than a modern new look, the new website will bring in phases a new smart search feature which will allow you to drill down even better into our pages and articles to find the answers to your questions. We also hope to allow searching by country of application (England or Wales) on every page.

The forms and templates will be much improved and will be like a shopping site experience. Like articles, you will be able to drill down by filtering forms until you find the correct one. We also hope to have a wishlist allowing you to favourite certain forms for quicker access.

We will provide more information as we phase these new features in over time.