We are pleased to announce the release of our totally overhauled application for accommodation (F009) and receipt for deposit (F010).

These have been totally reworked so they fit better with the information needed in the prescribed information document when taking a tenancy deposit although the changes are still an improvement even if you don’t take a deposit.

Application for Accommodation

Changes include:

  • The addition of a post tenancy address option in addition to the parents / next of kin address in case it’s different
  • Ask whether tenancy is to be only or principal home (if none of the tenants using as only or principle home, it won’t be an assured shorthold tenancy)
  • Addition of an optional company name (if tenant is a company, tenancy won’t be an assured shorthold tenancy)
  • Amended the disclaimer and consents to use the information at the end of the document where signed by the applicant
  • Various other minor additions and alterations

Receipt for deposit / reservation fee

  • Added a new box so if payer is NOT prospective tenant then it should be completed by the payer of the deposit. That person is then the “relevant person” for the purposes of the prescribed information for the tenancy deposit if a tenancy is later granted.

The documents are available on our landlord forms page free of charge to members.