We are pleased to announce the availability of brand new tenancy agreements including the assured shorthold tenancy agreements. They are available for free download to members in PDF format and all can be completed on-screen. The new versions are:

  • F001 – No deposit assured shorthold tenancy
  • F002 – Deposit Protection Service assured shorthold tenancy
  • F003 – My Deposits assured shorthold tenancy
  • F004 – Dispute Service assured shorthold tenancy
  • F005 – Contractual tenancy (company let etc.)

All have the code F00? 12/12 for the latest version.

This is the most significant update for some time with a number of improvements. In particular, there is a further page incorporated into the prescribed information for the tenancy deposit scheme agreements and you should make sure you are familiar with the new page (which is actually to be replaced with the protection information provided by the scheme).

In addition, although not necessary until the end of January, our tenancy agreements are now fully Green Deal ready and incorporate the form of acknowledgment which must be placed in a prominent position within the contract as required by The Green Deal (Acknowledgment) Regulations 2012.

To the best of our knowledge, we are the first association / company to provide such a contract which fully incorporates the Green Deal requirements in England or Wales. (Hey, how else will the other associations be able to provide one without us producing one first for them to copy!?)

These latest versions also include a number of thoughts and recommendations from members over a period of time. Please keep ideas and thoughts coming in.

There is just one slight issue which we've been unable to avoid namely for the last 20 years our agreements have strictly taken up no more than 4 pages (plus around 10 or so pages for prescribed information) but now we've had no choice but to increase to 6 pages (plus prescribed info.)

I know a small number of members continue to order paper stationery from us mainly because it was one sheet of specially printed A3 folded. This will no longer be possible although we still intend to provide printed versions of all our documents including the tenancy agreements.

We hope you like the new agreements which are available under the tenancy agreements category. Enjoy.