You will notice the next time you go to the home page of our website that it looks fresh and new. Mostly this is because new visitors tend to see the home page first and so the idea is that they will be able to see what we offer much easier than before. In addition, by combining a number of pages into the new look home page, it means we have been able to get rid of a small number of pages thus reducing the number of links needed,


However, because previously many links that subscribers commonly used were located on the home page, we had to rethink how this works. One thing we’re always keen on doing is reducing the number of clicks it takes to get from one part of our website to whatever it is your looking for whether that be landlord forms, possession notices or, DPS deposit protection discount codes.

We have therefore produced a brand new subscribers page which provides subscribers with a one stop page for all important links.


The familiar 3 x 3 (telephone keypad style) links have been retained although modern icons have replaced the larger buttons. In addition, the top and middle right hand side buttons previously linked to more guidance or services but they now link to specific pages namely ask a question and accreditation.

This improvement has been made possible by the inclusion of the all guidance and all services pages into the subscriber page made possible by incorporating a unique tab system allowing much more content onto a single page.


These tabs also contain other regularly used pages such as – ask a question, contact and feeds.

This all means that many fewer clicks are needed to reach any specific service or guidance required. The contact forms and ask a question are very prominent on multiple pages allowing you to easily make contact if you are unable to find something.

Although there’s still some minor background work, these new pages continue to be responsive so will adapt depending on the size of screen and device you are using.


The login system has been slightly changed. Now a button is pressed which goes to the dedicated login screen and will always return you back to the subscribers page. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, the login box that we had simply wouldn’t adapt to mobile devices so we had no option but to replace it.

Because these improvements have allowed us to get rid of a number of pages, we have been able to significantly reduce the links located on the top green bar in the header of each page. Now, only essential items remain because really all that’s necessary for subscribers is the subscribers page.




The feedback button has a permanent new home in the right hand sidebar, a move from the left hand edge of the screen which could get in the way on mobile devices.

We hope you like this new fresh look to the website. Please let us know your thoughts (perhaps by trying the feedback button in its new home).