We’ve been pondering an instalment based payment tier for some time now but we just weren’t sure how best to do something along these lines.

We are therefore going to try out a new £9.00 per month payment tier which gives access to full Guild subscription including help-line, landlord forms and templates, tenant vetting, discounted deposit protection etc. Basically this is full subscription but for a month instead of a year. The new monthly tier is auto renewing each month but you can cancel anytime.

The only difference between the monthly option and the annual is that with the monthly nothing will be sent in the post. This includes on signup so there will be no receipt or certificate sent with a welcome pack unlike what happens with the annual option where a nice certificate of membership is provided. Otherwise though there is no difference to the service you receive or the number of documents that can be downloaded.

It’s currently only available for landlords and small agents (small agents are where there are two or less staff) but we may extend it to large agents if this might be of interest. Just let us know.