The DPS (Deposit Protection Service) has issued new scheme terms and conditions, available here.

As a result, our DPS assured shorthold tenancy agreement (F002) has been updated. In addition, whilst a change was being made we’ve made a couple of additions to the clauses within the AST. Also, whilst on, we have made those additions to the no deposit (F001) and MyDeposits (F003) assured shorthold tenancies too.

The confirmation certificate (F033) that is required to be served on relevant persons when using the DPS has also been amended accordingly.

The “previously ordered stationery” is also fully working again for the tenancy agreements and the links contained therein will lead to the latest version (we had tried phasing this out but it seems a popular service so we have fully restored it).

All members should use these latest versions when they next need a tenancy agreement. You will know if you have the correct one because on the bottom right of the documents you will see the date “12/11”.

All the above documents are available free of charge on our stationery page here.