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Form 6A - Section 21 Notice England

Updated Holding Deposit Form and Form 6A

We have updated the combined holding deposit receipt and agreement used for England under the Tenant Fees Act. Read more…

Legal update 2019 Wales training

Legal Update 2019 Course in Wales

Training for Professionals is holding a “Legal Update 2019 Wales” course in Colwyn Bay on the 3rd July and Swansea on the 4th July 2019. Read more…

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Halifax Price Index

Can you really trust house price statistics?

The Halifax House Price Index has thrown up some questionable figures for the second month in a row, but should homeowners and buyers really go along with what the statistics say? Read more…

Watchdog puts unfair leasehold charges under scrutiny

Watchdog Puts Unfair Leasehold Charges Under Scrutiny

Landlords could be unshackled from paying unfair and costly charges as the competition watchdog launches a probe into how the leasehold property market works. Read more…

Deposit Penalty - Limitations and Multiple Breaches

Deposit Penalty – Multiple Breaches and Limitations

With thanks to NearlyLegal for reporting this one. In Howard v Dalton, County Court at Dartford, 7 May 2019, a couple of interesting points were raised in relation to the penalty provisions where a deposit had not been protected nor prescribed information given namely:

  • limitation of 6 years
  • can a claim include both a failure to protect AND failure to provide prescribed information?

Read more…

Silver Renters Becoming a Force in Buy to Let

Silver Renters Becoming a Force in Buy to Let

A generation of over 50s is taking to renting either as a lifestyle choice or because they cannot afford to buy a home of their own. Read more…

High Streets Lose Eight Property Agents a Week

High Streets Lose Eight Property Agents a Week

High streets across the country are seeing estate and letting agent branches close at the rate of more than eight a week. Read more…

Landlord handbook England front cover

Updated Landlord Handbook and Accreditation Course

A quick note to let you know that we have published an updated version of the Landlord Handbook for England. We are holding off the Wales version until all sub-regulations for the tenant fees ban are published. Read more…

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