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Landlords Targeted In Data Security Crackdown
Landlords Targeted In Data Security Crackdown

A data security crackdown has started on landlords who collect, store and use the personal information of tenants without registering with the data protection watchdog.

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family mortgage
Family Mortgage – the Secret Buy to Let Loans

Finding an affordable home and making ends meet is tough for families as the cost of living, energy bills, rents and mortgage rates soar.

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Off-plan property
Can Landlords Make Money Buying an Off-Plan Property?

Builders are racing to build new homes across the country as the government encourages more development of affordable homes. As these new estates take shape, the number of properties offered off-plan is rising, and property investors can get some great deals.

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Written Statement of Occupation Contracts (Wales)

Important: our series of technical guidance, including this one, will constantly change as we find new things hidden in the legislation. There are also many sub-regulations yet to be published.

Written statements are arguably one of the most critical aspects of the Renting Homes rules.

Where a tenancy is an occupation contract, a landlord must give a written statement of the contract to the contract-holder(s), including tenancies that are converted.

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Buy to Let Rents Rise
Buy to Let Rents Rise at the Fastest Rate for Five Years

Buy to let rents across the country are rising at the fastest rate for five years, according to the latest official data.

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letting agent
What to Do if Your Letting Agent Goes Bust

Yet another letting agent has closed, leaving hundreds of landlords and tenants in financial difficulties.

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Holiday Home
Council Tax Triples for Holiday Home Landlords (Wales)

Holiday lets and second homeowners face a 300 per cent council tax rise from April 2023 as the Welsh Government tries to make more affordable homes available to locals.

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