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Ice and snow
Clearing Ice And Snow – What Landlords Need To Know

As heavy snow and freezing conditions grip the country, many landlords and tenants will want to clear ice and snow from paths and driveways to ensure they can get in and out of their homes.

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New electrical safety rules for landlords
New Electrical Safety Rules for Landlords

April 1 is the day when all landlords in England must have electrical installations in private rented homes inspected and tested.

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Guild rent digest - February 2021
Guild of Landlords Rent Digest – February 2021

Tenant demand for buy to let housing is running at the highest level landlords have seen for five years. This is the Guild rent digest for February 2021.

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goat as a pet
Tenant Spotted Keeping Goat in Flat

Landlords and tenants often clash over the keeping of pets without permission in a private rented home, but sometimes bigger beasts (such as a goat) are at the root of the conflict.

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Guild of Landlords House Price Digest – February 2021
Guild of Landlords House Prices Digest – February 2021

House prices are still rising as buyers race to beat the stamp duty holiday deadline, but many may face disappointment as properties for sale dry up.

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