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1 February 2016 New how to rent guide by DCLG and right to rent rolled out England. New tenancy agreements

New How To Rent Guide, Tenancy Agreements And Right To Rent


Today – 1 February 2016 – is another important and big day of change for landlords with rented property in England. There is a new “How to rent guide” published by the DCLG, the right to rent provisions are rolled out to the whole of England and we have updated our tenancy agreements with the new guides. We have also updated our application for accommodation over the last few days. Read more…

Landlords launch buy to let mortgage relief legal fight

Landlords Launch Buy To Let Mortgage Relief Legal Fight

Landlords fighting new mortgage relief rules for buy to let have fired the first broadside in their battle to change the law. Read more…

Recent Questions and Answers
Letting agent jailed for £200,000 landlord scam

Letting Agent Jailed For £200,000 Landlord Scam

A crooked letting agent (“G”) swindled landlords out of £200,000 by providing fake invoices for repairs and safety checks carried out at buy to let homes despite other contractors already completing the work at a cheaper rate for him. Read more…

Letting agent ordered to pay landlord for tenant check failures

Letting Agent Ordered To Pay £4,000 For Tenant Check Failures

A letting agent who failed to spot tenants lied about their finances despite carrying out a credit check was ordered to pay more than £4,000 in damages and costs to a landlord by a judge. Read more…

Tenant convicted of fraud for having pets in buy to let

Tenant Guilty Of Fraud For Moving Pets Into Buy To Let

A tenant who moved a pet dog and three cats into a buy to let home without permission was taken to court for allegedly allowing the animals to cause £12,000 to the property. Read more…

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