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Letting agent jailed for £200,000 landlord scam

Letting Agent Jailed For £200,000 Landlord Scam

A crooked letting agent (“G”) swindled landlords out of £200,000 by providing fake invoices for repairs and safety checks carried out at buy to let homes despite other contractors already completing the work at a cheaper rate for him. Read more…

Letting agent ordered to pay landlord for tenant check failures

Letting Agent Ordered To Pay £4,000 For Tenant Check Failures

A letting agent who failed to spot tenants lied about their finances despite carrying out a credit check was ordered to pay more than £4,000 in damages and costs to a landlord by a judge. Read more…

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Tenant convicted of fraud for having pets in buy to let

Tenant Guilty Of Fraud For Moving Pets Into Buy To Let

A tenant who moved a pet dog and three cats into a buy to let home without permission was taken to court for allegedly allowing the animals to cause £12,000 to the property. Read more…

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