Check out the new websites that we will be moving to soon - [England]( or [Wales](
Check out the new websites that we will be moving to soon - [England]( or [Wales](
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We are pleased to announce that our occupation contracts, the new name given to tenancies for most domestic use cases in Wales, are almost ready to go live.

In the first instance, we are asking for a few customers to test the system, download the contract and look through it. We don’t expect you to find any specific right or wrong details within the contract itself, but you may spot some glaring issues or bugs!

If you are good at breaking the internet, you will be perfect because, ideally, we want you to break the system so we can find bugs and fix them before going live for everyone.

You will find it easier if you’re familiar with the Tenancy Builder system because that’s where the contracts will be available.

When we reply with instructions for testing, we will inform you of some known issues that should be fixed tomorrow, but we’ve been testing for some time, and it’s been reliable and stable at building the new contracts.

We hope the occupation contracts will go live Monday, 17 October 2022.

Please ask to be a tester by creating a new ticket here.