We have today completed a fairly major overhaul of all our tenancy agreements namely:

Today’s update represents quite a significant update and includes many changes to the wording of most clauses contained within the agreement.

The changes include:

  • major change to landlord repairing obligations terms further clarifying notice requirements regardless of where any defect is located as a result of recent Court of Appeal rulings
  • general overhaul where necessary to include Universal Credit
  • changes to utility and council tax clauses
  • rearrangement of many clauses and new headings to give a more fluid feel to the document as a whole
  • many grammatical improvements throughout
  • the absolute prohibition of sub-letting or assignment (without consent for the contractual tenancy)
  • improvements to the fire safety clauses
  • improvements to the data protection clauses
  • addition of some new clauses
  • improved formatting for when a duplex printer is used (two sided printing)

We hope you enjoy the latest update and all members should always use the very latest agreements and download the latest version whenever a new form or template is required.

You can always view our latest updated documents by viewing the ‘new or recently updated’ category.

Any document that is added to your favourites list is automatically updated when you next click download.