Court fee increases have been under consultation for some time and there are some increases relating to money claims greater than £10k taking effect on 9 March. There are also proposals to increase possession claims further despite a substantial increase in April last year.

The proposals which were out for consultation between 16 January and 27 February 2015 propose the following:

Our proposal is to increase the fees charged in County Court proceedings for the recovery of land, including proceedings initiated using PCOL, by £75. We estimate that this would generate an additional £17 million per annum in income.

That would result in possession claims costing £355.00 from the current £280.00 and possession claim online rising to £325.00.

An article on the Painsmith blog published today set my heart racing for a moment because it claims these possession fee increases are to take effect from 9 March 2015! This is not correct though from what we can see. We’ve researched heavily and can find no announcement by HM Courts and Tribunals Service to that effect and also the court fees leaflet EX50 has been updated for 9 March 2015 and does not show these increases.

I therefore thought it best to write this article quickly before the internet forums start going into meltdown and we get lots of people ringing asking why we didn’t inform them of such a big change until the weekend before!

To clarify therefore, the consultation for the proposed increase in possession claim fees only closed a week ago on 27 February 2015 and we await any response to that consultation. No doubt the increases will take effect but not this coming Monday 9 March.

We will update you when we know more and we have asked Painsmith for clarification just in case we have missed something.