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mouldy walls

hi, my tenants of 10 months didnt inform me about mould in the flat. i came to know of it from my letting agent who


We recently carried out some refurbishment works on one of our rented properties in May 2018 and noticed that the ...

Tenant Deposit

Should I give my tenant back his deposit now while waiting for his section 21 date on 6th Sept. Also do I need to ...

NTQ and licensees

Am i right that if there is shared house situation that they are licencees if they haven't been issued an AST? they

Landlords are joint owners

What is the situation when landlords own the property jointly and one dies. Does the tenancy have to be reworded?

Increasing Rent

My Client is a landlord who lets his property to a tenant at a monthly rent of £520.00. During a period of hardship

Community Protection Notice

We have been served a Community Protection Notice citing "2 Dumpy bags with rubbish and play equipment in the back ...

how much notice must i give

Our tenant had a tenancy agreement for a year that ended 02/08/17. It was extended for another year and Is due to ...

Enquiry re claiming arrears

Hi I have a situation where my tennant has moved out without paying arrears and despite numerous attempts asking ...

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