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Rent increase and new AST?

My tenants have been with me 9+ years, On an AST, have had a couple of rent increases previously and I have then ...

3rd Party Wall Agreements

My tenant has written to me asking if there is a 3rd Party Wall Agreement for the attached property. The neighbours

bill of costs

hi guildy i have served a warrant for possession after the necessary court order has expired and am am awaiting an ...

Section 21 property access

Can you advise on the following situation please? A tenant has been served a section 21 notice on 7th July so the ...

Type of notice

Occupier pays no rent been there 5 years and doenst own the property or related to landlord and is there due to ...

commercial business let

its a commercial let of a shop and LL requires entry to fix smoke alarm, can he just enter ? its not a AST or anything

Commercial company let

There are Rent arrears so is a section 8 appropriate ? It's an agreement for the company to let to other ...

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