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What regulations govern having lodgers in your own property?

12 month tenancy

Hi Is a 12 month tenancy the same as a 6 month tenancy when it comes to serving a section 21. Can it be done at 4 ...

section 8 notice

how long after section 8 is served can it be acted upon 12 months? (more…)

AST shorter than 6 months

Hello, This is a follow up question to one I asked earlier in the week. To recap I have 3 tenants on a single AST ...


Can a Landlord witness a Tenants signature and Visa versa? This is for your Tenancy Agreement. (more…)

AST Renewal/Extention

Hi Adrian, I have an AST that is about to come to the end of its six-months initial term and my intention was to ...

s8, eviction timing

hi s8 notice was served about 6 months ago for rent arrears. on 18th july, tenant was 2 and half months in arrears


One of my tenants is burning incense, I was made aware when another tenant complained about the smell of it in the ...

right to rent

are we able to give tenancies to people with residence that says, family member-EU residence. my current tenants ...

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