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Tenancy Renewal

My tenant is on a periodic tenancy as the 12 months tenancy finished Apr. After a number of attempts to renew they ...

Tax Return

Can you put a payment down, on your tax return, for yourself carrying out work at your own buy-to-let property, or ...

Deposit scheme

I have not used a deposit scheme for my tenants who have been renting since Feb 2016. They are not responding to my

s21, change in tenancy names

i have father , mother and daughter in the 2 bedroom flat. father and mother only on tenancy. now they are asking ...

“Tenancy Agreement”

Signatures-Landlord and Tenant. Is there a legal requirement for a further Witness signature? (more…)

what type of tenancy

If someone is occupation of a property and they do not pay rent for example an ex partner who refuses to leave, i ...

Council advising tenant to stay

The section 21 has been issued and asks tenant to move out at the end of july - the tenant has decided they want to

Guests upsetting other tenants.

Hi, I have a HMO with 5 students on separate tenancy contracts. Tenant 3 has been complaining to me that tenant ...

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