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new rules and validity of s21

in order to serve valid s21 (which can be used in poss proceedings) can you please clarify that the following need ...

Extension of an AST

Is there any legal way to extend an AST without it lapsing into a periodic tenancy? What alternative ways are there

50% premium on Council Tax

Hi folks. I have just purchased a flat in Southampton. The conveyance took 10 months due to lease issues. I ...

access in emergency

what if there is leak for example into another flat, can the landlord enter under these circumstances if tenant not

tenant is exprisoner

I have a tenant who is applying for a room in an HMO who I found out is an ex-prisoner. I only found out because he

Right to Rent Checks

Good morning. How do we do the online checks for the right to rent? We take a copy of the ID from the tenant but ...

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