Confirmation Certificate for Deposit Protection Service

Rule 13(b) of the deposit protection service (DPS) terms and conditions requires a landlord to confirm to a relevant person (third party) after a deposit has been protected by confirming certain information


Product Code: F033

If a person pays a deposit on behalf of a tenant (for example a parent), they are known as a “relevant person”. Under the Deposit Protection Service terms and conditions, if there is a relevant person, the landlord must notify the relevant person about the deposit protection “after” it has been protected. Failure to do so is a breach of the scheme rules.

This document is a suitable confirmation certificate for the purpose of rule 13(b) of the DPS terms and conditions.

This template is in Word format so can be edited with all popular wordprocessors. The scheme terms and conditions will need attaching and a direct link is provided within the document.


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