Protecting the deposit

  • Go-to the DPS website or call 0844 4727 000
  • Register yourself as a landlord, you will then receive a landlords ID.
  • Log in to the system and add the property.
  • Next, add the tenant and deposit details to the property.
  • You will need to choose the custodial or insured option (custodial means you will send the deposit to the scheme but there is no cost, insured means you will pay a small fee and hold onto the deposit yourself)
  • If you choose custodial – you will be given the option to either pay the deposit on-line, send a cheque or bank transfer. If you choose on-line, then the transaction will be completed and the deposit protected. If you choose to pay by cheque, a button appears which when clicked prints a form that contains all the details necessary for the scheme. This form should be enclosed with your cheque. Upon clearance, you will receive confirmation that the deposit has been protected.(The deposit is deemed to have been protected form the day you registered the tenant on-line, not the date the cheque was cleared).
  • If you choose insured – you will be asked to pay the fee at which time enter the discount code for the scheme to receive your special discounted rate for being a member of the Guild.


If someone else paid the deposit on behalf of the tenant

  • “relevant person” means any person who, in accordance with arrangements made with the tenant, paid the deposit on behalf of the tenant. [s213(10) HA2004].
  • If such a case applies, after the deposit has been protected, you must send the relevant person a ‘confirmation certificate’. The confirmation certificate must be accompanied with the schemes’ Terms and Conditions.
  • A suitable certificate is available to members here.