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Change to Rent Book Prescribed Information in Wales

Where a person occupies premises and the rent is payable weekly, a landlord must provide a rent book . Such a rent book must contain the name and address of the landlord and where the tenancy is an assured or assured shorthold tenancy, it must also contain notice of such matters as may be prescribed and the notice must be in the prescribed ...

Common Law Distress For Rent Abolished

In the modern day, distress for rent (a remedy which enables a landlord to recover arrears of rent by seizing property found in premises subject to a tenancy) has limited application in residential property cases. This is mainly because the courts permission is required before distress for rent can be levied where the tenancy is assured or ...

Welsh Government Consultation Events on Model Contracts

The Welsh Government has previously produced a Renting Homes White Paper which includes a proposal for new types of contract when letting dwellings in Wales. One such contract is proposed to be a ‘standard contract’ which is “modelled on the assured shorthold tenancy that is used mainly in the private rented sector”. The Welsh Government are

Deposits Taken Before April 2007 and Section 21 Notices

Since Superstrike we look at most deposit cases that have not been answered yet and assume what is the very worst outcome possible and what was the least intention of Parliament. Once you start to think like that, you generally arrive at the correct answer to the question. Here again we have the same thing happened in Charalambous & Anor ...
Council Selective Licensing Powers Reined In

Council Selective Licensing Powers Reined In

Government plans to curb the powers of local councils to designate selective licensing for private rented homes. In two key policy documents laid before Parliament, Housing Minister Brandon Lewis has thrown down the gauntlet to local authorities attempting to apply blanket licencing schemes without good reason. The Selective Licensing of ...
Watch Out For Mansion Tax As ATED Rules Change

Watch Out For Mansion Tax As ATED Rules Change

Landlords who own homes with a limited company need to watch out for a change in the rules that could see them unwittingly paying mansion tax. Mansion tax, or the Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED), was first collected in 2013 against homes worth £2 million or more on homes that are empty or lived in by someone connected with the ...
Londoners Win Right To Rent Out Homes As Holiday Lets

Londoners Win Right To Rent Out Homes As Holiday Lets

Controversial planning laws that stopped Londoners renting out their homes as holiday lets are scrapped from 27 May 2015. Housing Minister Brandon Lewis welcomed the measure that brings short-term letting laws for the capital in line with the rest of the UK. The change means Londoners no longer have to apply for permission to let their homes

Walsall landlord prosecuted for putting tenants at risk

Thanks to Painsmith Blog for this one. A Walsall landlord has been sentenced for failing to provide a gas safety certificate. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) prosecuted Khalid Hussain following a complaint from a tenant and her partner, who rent a house at Raleigh Street, Walsall from him. Walsall Magistrates’ Court heard that the ...