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What is the LHA rate for my area?

The rent service have provided a useful site called lha-direct where you can search the local housing allowance rate for any area. I would suggest searching by local authority rather than by postcode as it seems more reliable. Local Housing Allowance Direct

Shared toilet – Single Room Rate or self contained flat rate?

We had an interesting question from one of our members, which this article attempts to answer. Q: Landlord has a flat in a house, however the toilet is separate. The toilet is shared with other occupiers in the same building. Does this mean that the local authority will pay the one bedroomed rate or the single room rate (because the single ...

Legal argument as to paying landlords LHA – 2 months rent in advance

Payment of Housing Benefit to landlords Local Housing Allowance Regulation 95 Housing Benefit Regulations 2006 require a local authority to pay a landlord directly if a tenant is 8 weeks or more in arrears. As a general rule, landlords are no longer able to receive payment except certain circumstances. Can a landlord create a tenancy where

How to find out if a tenant is claiming HB

We all know the problem. If a tenant is in arrears and they are claiming Housing Benefit, the landlord can request payment be made direct. However a landlord does not always know if a tenant is claiming Housing Benefit or not. The local authority will refuse to inform the landlord under the cloak of Data Protection Act. However, there is way ...

Entitlement to HB when Landlord is related to tenant

Below does not deal with the situation where the landlord 'lives' with the tenant who is a relative. In that scenario, there is no entitlement to housing benefit (or local housing allowance) . Below deals with the situation where the landlord lets to a relation a different dwelling to where he lives. Regulation 9(1)(a) Housing Benefit ...

Ensure payments are made direct to landlord

How can a landlord ensure payments are made payable direct? The general rule is that payments of the LHA from April 2008 will be made directly to tenants. However, it is possible for landlords to make some amendments to their tenancy agreements in order to ensure payments are made direct to landlords (in our opinion, not yet tested on ...


Local authorities always hide behind data protection and confidentiality. This case shows what they should not have deemed confidential. Commissioner Jacobs CH/1821/2006 Confidentiality "30. I said that I would come back to the issue of confidentiality. Remember that the local authority had not disclosed to the landlord that the ...

Suggested letter – request for review of decision

Before appealing, you should have asked for a written statement of reasons within one month of the decision. Once this has been received, the first stage of an appeal is to request a revision of the decision. When this is done, someone of higher authority than the original decision maker will review the decision. If the new decision is

Suggested letter – Request for written statement of reasons

What is a written statement of reasons? When you have received a decision in writing, in most cases the decision is appealable within one month. However, you may also ask for a written statement of reasons which should give full details of how the decision was reached. A statement of reasons must be requested within one month of the decision.