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Fixed electrical installation – House / Flat with 3 or more unrelated persons sharing facilities (e.g. bedsit / shared house)

< blockquote>The manager must- (a) ensure that every fixed electrical installation is inspected and tested at intervals

Holiday Let Agreements

The Housing Act 1988 contains two sets of provisions dealing with the question of holiday accommodation. Firstly, it provides that a dwelling-house let for the purpose of a holiday will not be subject to an assured [shorthold] tenancy. Secondly, it contains a provision permitting the landlord of a dwelling-house used for the purpose of a ...

When is landlord liable to pay council tax?

The question of council tax and who is liable can often arise. Many local authorities will attempt to claim the landlord is always liable whatever the situation but what is the position? For this article, it is assumed that your tenancy agreement contains a provision that the tenant is liable to pay for the council tax. Owner always ...

Can unit be self contained where bathroom and wc shared?

It is clear that a true bedsit type accommodation where all facilities are shared can not be self contained accommodation and therefore the council tax banding will be for the entire house. It is also clear that where a house has been split into fully self contained flats where they have their own kitchen, bathroom and WC for exclusive use, ...

Standard pre action letter – after section 21 served

Sanctions for non-compliance with a pre action protocol

PRACTICE DIRECTION – PRE-ACTION CONDUCT Sanctions for non-compliance 4.5 The court will look at the overall effect of non-compliance on the other party when deciding whether to impose sanctions. 4.6 If, in the opinion of the court, there has been non-compliance, the sanctions which the court may impose include –

Can court revoke or vary order previously made?

Often, deputy district judges can suggest that once they have made an order, that they can no longer vary that order and that the matter must be dealt with by appeal. This is not always the case. If a person did not attend trial and has a good reason for failing to attend, it is possible for the judgement or order to be set aside. It is then

Adjournment, Suspension and Stay Possession Proceedings

A common problem with seeking a possession order from the court is not only establishing the validity of notices but also the many adjournments that can occur. This article attempts to explain the law of adjournments and postponement of possession. Accelerated Possession Procedure Claim Struck out, Refused or Dismissed After possession ...

Payment to Landlord even if not 8 weeks arrears

The Department of Work and Pensions guidance to local authorities states that a local authority should "consider" direct payment, even if the tenant is not in eight weeks arrears: "When rent arrears have reached the equivalent of eight weeks or more, in most cases, a local authority should arrange to make payments direct to the landlord. ...