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Release of surety during the term

A surety will be released by any variation in the terms of the contract between the creditor and the principal debtor made without the surety's consent. Thus where the tenant surrendered part of the...

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When does guarantee end? / Giving notice

Summary In summary, a guarantor will only last for the fixed term unless there is a term to the contrary. In order for the guarantee to continue into any periodic tenancy, there must be clear words detailing this (see below). The guarantor may give adequate notice...

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Extent of guarantors obligation

"Where the underlying contract between creditor and principal debtor and the contract of guarantee are still subsisting, then in order to ascertain the extent of the surety's liability, if any, to the...

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Deed in writing and witnessed?

In order to have a valid contract, there must be offer, acceptance and consideration. Consideration is something of economic value which is why often you see companies being purchased for £1.00. If no money was paid, it could be argued there was no contract which is...

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When is landlord liable to pay council tax?

The question of council tax and who is liable can often arise. Many local authorities will attempt to claim the landlord is always liable whatever the situation but what is the position? For this article, it is assumed that your tenancy agreement contains a provision...

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Exempt Dwellings

There are various situations when a dwelling is exempt from being liable to council tax. This should not be confused with certain occupiers being entitled to a discount. Vacant and unoccupied dwellings The term 'vacant' refers to a dwelling which is both: unoccupied;...

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Coronavirus Guidance

Discounted landlords buildings insurance

Landlords Building Insurance

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