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Requirement of occupation

Cases on the Rent Act 1977 do not come up so often these days. Under that Act a person with protection starts out, under the contractual tenancy, as a "protected tenant". If the landlord wishes to recover possession the landlord must determine the protected tenancy by a notice to quit (assuming that it is a periodic tenancy). This then gives ...

Another Report Into The Private Rented Sector

The House of Commons Communities and Local Government Committee has published a first report on the private rented sector. In the lengthy report a number of recommendations are made including: Conduct a wide-ranging review to consolidate legislation, with the aim of producing a much simpler and more straightforward set of regulations that ...

Lacors Fire Safety Guidance

For shared accommodation or converted blocks of flats, see the useful LACORS guidance on fire safety in let property. They have also issued some clarification notes in respect of the guidance and should be read together. For purpose built blocks of flats see this guidance
Selling A Property Business Is About Tax And Timing

Selling A Property Business Is About Tax And Timing

Impending tax changes are leading many landlords to consider selling up their property businesses as they fear they will no longer make a profit. Many landlords fear new finance interest relief rules starting from April 2016 will drastically affect the viability of their businesses. Ceasing a property business is fraught with tax issues that

Tax on Rented Property

Introduction Letting residential property is treated as a single business, even if you let out more than one property. If you let out several properties, you can offset losses from one against profits from another. You pay tax on any profit as part of your overall income. Continue reading on Directgov - public services all in one ...

Suggested letter – request for review of decision

Before appealing, you should have asked for a written statement of reasons within one month of the decision. Once this has been received, the first stage of an appeal is to request a revision of the decision. When this is done, someone of higher authority than the original decision maker will review the decision. If the new decision is

Article 8 Proportionality and Private Landlords Possession

The idea that an Englishman’s home is his castle is firmly embedded in English folklore and it finds its counterpart in the common law of the realm which provides a remedy to enable the owner of the castle to secure the eviction of trespassers from it. But what if the invaders occupy for long enough to establish their home within the ...