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The New Dividend Allowance And Landlords

The New Dividend Allowance And Landlords

Landlords could be forgiven for thinking Chancellor George Osborne is cracking down on the amount of tax they pay. In the furore over mortgage interest relief and the new wear and tear allowance, landlords with companies may have overlooked the new dividend allowance that comes in from April 2016. Heralded as a tax free allowance, the final ...

Payment of rent into bank

Where the landlord directed the tenant to pay rent to the landlord's bank, the rent was paid when the money was transferred into the landlord's bank account and not when the receiving bank notified the landlord that the payment had been made.   But whatever mode is used, payment is not achieved until the process has reached the stage that the

Protect a Deposit with DPS

Protecting the deposit Go-to the DPS website or call 0844 4727 000 Register yourself as a landlord, you will then receive a landlords ID. Log in to the system and add the property. Next, add the tenant and deposit details to the property. You will need to choose the custodial or insured option ...

Tenant moves to another property, is he still protected by Rent Act?

Goringe v Twinsectra (CC (Staines)) County Court (Staines) 20 April 1994 C.L.Y. 2723 Abstract: T had resided in premises with H under a contractual tenancy since 1960. H became a statutory tenant of the premises, paying a monthly rent to the landlord. T succeeded to the statutory tenancy of the premises on H's death in 1977. In April 1989, T

Leases in Writing and as a Deed

Except for a tenancy taking effect in possession with a term not exceeding 3 years ,  a contract for the disposition of an interest in land (which includes tenancy agreements) can only be made in writing and only by incorporating all the terms which the parties have expressly agreed in one document or, where contracts are exchanged, in each . ...

Suggested letter – Request for written statement of reasons

What is a written statement of reasons? When you have received a decision in writing, in most cases the decision is appealable within one month. However, you may also ask for a written statement of reasons which should give full details of how the decision was reached. A statement of reasons must be requested within one month of the decision.

Seghier v Rollings, Bow County Court, 6 March 2009

Ms Rollings granted Mr Seghier an assured shorthold tenancy In May 2007. He paid a deposit to her agent prior to signing the agreement. Ms Rollings made no efforts to comply with the tenancy deposit requirements under the Housing Act 2004 (it was neither protected nor prescribed information given). Just before a court appearance in June 2008, ...