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Consultation on Draft Guidance for Lettings Law

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has launched a consultation on draft guidance which aims to help professionals in the private rented sector, including letting agents and landlords, to comply with the law. The OFT’s draft guidance seeks to clarify how the law applies to the lettings market. It identifies trading practices that could ...
Mortgage Affordability Tests On The Way For Landlords

Mortgage Affordability Tests On The Way For Landlords

Buy to let investors face may face more financial woes as regulators try to stem the billions on interest only borrowing by landlords. The Prudential Regulation Authority with encouragement from the Chancellor George Osborne and the Bank of England, is suggesting that buy to let mortgage lenders should all follow the same underwriting ...

Holiday Let Agreements

The Housing Act 1988 contains two sets of provisions dealing with the question of holiday accommodation. Firstly, it provides that a dwelling-house let for the purpose of a holiday will not be subject to an assured tenancy. Secondly, it contains a provision permitting the landlord of a dwelling-house used for the purpose of a holiday during ...


Introduction Before the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) introduced by the Housing Act 2004, there have been several cases showing that a landlord is not liable for condensation unless that condensation is caused by some structural defect falling under the landlords obligation to repair. Under the HHSRS, greater powers are ...

The Housing Costs Element of Universal Credit

The housing costs element of universal credit Housing benefit continues for now until 2017 but after rollout of universal credit is complete, housing benefit will be abolished. However, as people transition from housing benefit onto universal credit, their monthly amount will include: an amount in respect of any liability of a claimant to
Saving Tax With Wear And Tear Allowances

Saving Tax With Wear And Tear Allowances

Landlords can save tax with changes to the way Wear and Tear Allowance is claimed that are due in April by holding off on spending money on replacing furniture, white goods and other items supplied to tenants. Current rules only allow buy to let landlords renting out furnished homes to reclaim the costs of replacing moveable items at a home ...
British Property Tax Highest In Developed World

British Property Tax Highest In Developed World

Landlords may feel the government is waging an unfair tax war against them – and statistics from an international economic monitor back up their claims. (more…)

Suggested response where tenant gives notice to quit during fixed term

The below response was a genuine letter provided by the Guild for one of our members. It had the effect at the time that the tenant withdrew the notice and continued to occupy the property. It is geared towards a non assured shorthold tenancy, however the principle is exactly the same so the first paragraph can be removed for an assured ...

How I just claimed 4644 pounds back from the tax office!

This is an article written by one of our members: In June 2008 I bought a 2 bed flat near the sea front in Weston as an investment. It had off street parking and a garden, so at 104.000 pounds I thought it was a good deal. Unfortunately, as I did not really know what I was doing at the time, the monthly profit was marginal and overall ( after