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Prosecutions And Fines For HMO Landlords

Prosecutions And Fines For HMO Landlords

A round up of recent HMO prosecutions and fines. Father and son landlords Sabbir and Asif Veshima were fined £750 for failing to licence an overcrowded house in multiple occupation (HMO) where 11 people were living. Magistrates at Stroud, Gloucestershire, heard that the tenants lived on the landings and staircases due to lack of space and ...

Serving Bulk Prescribed Information

We know many of you are frantically issuing lots of prescribed information so that everything is in place for 6 May 2012, after which time it will be too late to resolve and giving the information late will not prevent compensation being payable to tenants. If your not sure why people are doing this, see our article here We have advised many

What is an HMO?

There are several types of HMO. The definition of HMO is contained in sections 254 and 257 of the Housing Act 2004. An HMO can be a whole building or a part of a building (for example a block of flats might not be an HMO, but one of the flats within the block could be an HMO) It is perhaps surprising how many buildings or parts of buildings
Landlords Bamboozled By Business Expenses

Landlords Bamboozled By Business Expenses

How to deal with business expenses is one of the biggest financial headaches for landlords, says a report. Landlords just do not know the difference between a legitimate business expense and one that is not, claim 53% of accountants polled by online software firm FreeAgent. Checking and putting right business expense claims is the most ...

Claiming Universal Credit

Claiming universal credit Making the claim A claim for universal credit must be made by means of an electronic communication for which a dedicated claims website will be available or in certain cases by telephone. Claims are dealt with centrally by the DWP but local authorities can assist with making claims. Couples may apply for universal ...

Deposit Protection after 1 October

The DCLG were insisting that all deposits required protecting within 14 days of 1 October 2010 for tenancies that convert to assured shorthold tenancies after the rent threshold increase. However it is being widely reported that they have revised their position after several commentators including this website said it wasn't necessary. They

The Spirit of the Legislation

Please note: if any case is on or after 6 April / 6 May 2012 this article might not be reliable After the handing down of the judgement in Draycott v Hannells 2010,it would seem clear as long as deposit has been protected, albeit late, there is a good possibility that a landlord can avoid the penalty provisions of the tenancy deposit scheme ...


Local authorities always hide behind data protection and confidentiality. This case shows what they should not have deemed confidential. Commissioner Jacobs CH/1821/2006 Confidentiality "30. I said that I would come back to the issue of confidentiality. Remember that the local authority had not disclosed to the landlord that the ...
HMRC Wages A Tax War Against Buy To Let Landlords

HMRC Wages A Tax War Against Buy To Let Landlords

The tax man is continuing to wage a financial war against landlords as the countdown to self-assessment filing day winds down. The HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) deadline for filing returns and paying tax for the year to April 5, 2016 is January 31. Although this seems some way off, taking out weekends, bank holidays and days off over ...