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Localism Act and Tenancy Deposit Schemes

The Localism Bill is now officially the Localism Act. The tenancy deposit provisions of the Localism Act take effect on 6 April 2012 Of interest to private landlords in particular will be section 184 of the Act which makes significant changes to the tenancy deposit provisions contained in the Housing Act 2004. Highlights of the changes ...

Affiliate Program

Earn money by recommending the Guild! We are pleased to announce our new affiliate program. By placing a special link on your website, if a new landlord subscribes to the Guild via one of your links, you will earn 5%. It is a very simple procedure to activate. Please see our affiliate page for full details and instructions.

Short Term Lets in Greater London

As the Olympics get closer, many property owners in the London area may be contemplating letting their property on a short term basis. Full credit must go to @ddortongibson for the content of this article as he did all the research on this one. This article is intended to be an explanation of a BBC news item explaining that planning ...

Part P Building Regulations

Building Regulations have been around for many years and are concerned to ensure the health and safety of people in and around buildings by providing functional requirements for building design and construction. On 1 January 2005, part P of the building regulations came into force. What work is covered by Part P? The Regulations apply to ...

The Importance of Prescribed Information

Suurpere v Nice & Anor [2011] EWHC 2003 (QB) This is a significant High Court (so binding) case which highlights what we have been banging on about for several years now namely, the importance of the prescribed information. As we often say, 90% of landlords are protecting deposits (not an official statistic, for illustration purposes ...

Inventory Template

Could you please let me know when the Inventory template will be available for downloading? Many thanks.

Wales AST Threshold Increase

From 1 December 2011, the annual rent threshold for when a tenancy is an assured shorthold tenancy is increased from £25,000 to £100,000. To see the effects this may have to any existing tenancies, please see our slightly modified article that we did when the change came in for England on 1 October 2010.

Guild ASTs

Your tenancy agreements are headed as the 1988 Housing Act as amended by the 1996 Act. Why doesn't it mention the 2004 Act?
Who has the Material Interest?

Who has the Material Interest?

Oyston v Leeds City Council - Valuation Tribunal for England – 4720M67692/244C  27 July 2011 This is a very interesting case that we represented the landlord at the Valuation Tribunal hearing and the paperwork leading to it (pro bono if I may add!) The main question being - if a tenant vacates a furnished property without giving proper ...

Fine for Newquay Landlord for HMO Management Breaches

At Bodmin Magistrates Court on 8 July 2011, Cornwall Council’s Private Sector Housing team successfully prosecuted Newquay landlord Karen Gamon of Toppers Hotel, 73 Mount Wise, Newquay for failing to comply with requirements of the Housing Act 2004 and the The Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation Regulations. During inspection of the ...