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30 Percent Reduction LHA Rate

Introduction I'm going to attempt to explain the much publicised 30 percentile reduction in LHA rates as it seems to be causing worry amongst landlords. The reality however is that there is no need to worry too much. I accept that there is going to be a reduction but because of how the formula works, in real terms, the reduction will be ...

How I just claimed 4644 pounds back from the tax office!

This is an article written by one of our members: In June 2008 I bought a 2 bed flat near the sea front in Weston as an investment. It had off street parking and a garden, so at 104.000 pounds I thought it was a good deal. Unfortunately, as I did not really know what I was doing at the time, the monthly profit was marginal and overall ( after

Section 21 Expired Before 6 Months

Please see our article on recent council tax rules which will assist with deciding what length of fixed term to give.   Firstly, happy new year to everyone! We've been a little quiet during the first week of 2011 because we have lots of cases that were started at the back end of last year and are all coming together right now. ...

Relevant Person

What is a relevant person? "relevant person" means any person who, in accordance with arrangements
made with the tenant, paid the deposit on behalf of the tenant. [s213(10) HA 2004]. The DPS call a relevant person a "third party" in their scheme rules. It is important to remember that when you provide the prescribed information, it must also be provided

Lead Tenant Agreement

The Deposit Protection Service and MyDeposits tenancy deposit schemes require some form of "lead tenant" agreement. What is a "lead tenant" you may ask? Basically, the schemes don't want to get involved with tittle tattle between joint tenants as to who should receive what portion. Therefore, a lead tenant must be nominated by all tenants and

Prescribed Information

If you are using our tenancy agreement for the scheme of your choice, you can ignore this page because the prescribed information is built into all our assured shorthold tenancy agreements (you must fill in the information of course). Prescribed information is the information contained in The Housing (Tenancy Deposits) (Prescribed ...

Secure the Deposit

Essentially, all the schemes work the same way. You will need to as a minimum Register yourself with your chosen scheme Log in to the system and add the property. Add the tenant and deposit details to the property. For Mydeposits, you will need to pay the protection fee For Deposit Protection Service you will be given the option to either ...

When to Protect

A deposit must “as from the time it is received” be dealt with in accordance with an approved scheme [s.213(1) Housing Act 2004]. Note, in that sub-section, there is no 30 day time limit which is important for agents. If an agent passes the deposit to his landlord client for protection and that landlord does not then protect the deposit, the ...

Alternatives to a Deposit

There are a few alternatives that you could consider instead of  taking a deposit.

Covering Letter with Notice

When serving a notice in anticipation of possession proceedings (section 21, section 8 or notice to quit) you should never enclose a covering letter with the notice. In Mundy v Hook (CC (Bromley)) County Court (Bromley) [1997] C.L.Y. 3246, the landlord had served a section 21 notice and the notice (which was perfectly valid) was accompanied ...