Create New Remote Signing




  • Ensure all names and emails are filled in and are accurate.
  • Every email must be unique (e.g. if 2 landlord signatures, each signer must have unique email).
  • Ensure you’ve checked the downloaded PDF agreement thoroughly before sending (go back to the Builder list of previous entries to view).
  • Select to send from the final dropdown selector.

What happens after it’s been sent?

The agreement will be sent for remote signature in the order shown on this screen (top to bottom). It will go the the first person’s email. After they have signed, it will automatically go to the next party and so on. The final party will always be the landlord.

Once all have signed, a final agreement with all signatures is sent to all parties. You can return to remote signing in the Tenancy Builder where you can download a copy of the agreement with an audit trail attached.Store the final completed agreement somewhere safe (with backups). We don’t store completed agreements for any particular length of time!

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