Rent Smart Wales has announced that they have now transferred the records of landlords and agents who were accredited with Landlord Accreditation Wales (LAW) scheme. The accreditation was done away with at the same time as the launch of Rent Smart Wales.

For those that haven’t already registered with Rent Smart Wales (RSW), a new account has been created. If the person has already registered, their account has been updated.

In order to obtain a licence, training must be completed and RSW are manually transferring the training information to the newly created or updated accounts. This will likely take time to complete.

If the landlord training was completed on or after 6 August 2015, the training will be sufficient for any landlord licence that may be applied for. If however, the training was completed before that date, a top-up training will be required. The top-up training will be free on the RSW website until 29 June 2016 after which time presumably a charge will be made.

Agents will need to follow the same rules as above for the landlord training module and in addition complete a “Supplementary Agent Development Training Course”. This will also be free on the RSW website until 29 June 2016 after which presumably a charge will be made.

All previously accredited persons should have received an email by now, confirming their username and password (which, according to the RSW website should be the same as the login for the accreditation website when it existed).

If you haven’t received an email, you should contact RSW directly.

Once the training information has been updated onto your account, you will be notified by RSW and the application process can continue.

Full details about the transfer process and training requirements can be found on the Rent Smart Wales dedicated FAQ page for previously LAW accredited landlords or agents.