The government [announced a package of measures]( on 16 October 2013 to help ensure that tenants get a good deal when they rent a home. The measures included a commitment to undertake a review into property conditions in the private rented sector.

To take forward the review of property conditions, [a discussion document has been prepared]( seeking views on a range of issues including:

* The rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants;
* Tackling retaliatory eviction;
* Whether landlords should be required to repay rent if they rent out a property that contains serious hazards and/or where a tenant has been illegally evicted;
* The need for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms;
* Current requirements around regular checks of electrical installations in the home;
* The requirements of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985;
* Current licensing system for privately rented housing; and
* The Housing Health and Safety Rating System

The document does not recommend any policy or legal changes and the inclusion of particular issues or questions in the document should not be taken to imply that the government has decided to introduce any new requirements on the sector.

The closing date for responses is 21 March 2014 and [the document is available here.](

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