Prime Minister David Cameron is keeping up his pressure on enrolling landlords to police the right to rent by rolling out the scheme under the Immigration Act nationwide later this year.

Under right to rent rules, landlords in the West Midlands must check tenants have the correct residence or visa clearance to stay in the UK before agreeing to rent out a buy to let home to them.

​The scheme has run since December 2014 and a consultation is underway to analyse the effectiveness of the measure.

However, in the Queen’s Speech 2015 at the State Opening of Parliament, Cameron confirmed national roll-out of right to rent and that new powers are on the way to make evicting illegal immigrants easier for landlords.

The notice was a single paragraph in 103 pages of guidance notes explaining the new draft bills announced in the speech destined to hit the statute books later this year.

Missing from the speech was an expected announcement that the Tories were planning to set up a national landlord register for England.

In the run up to the speech, Housing Minister stated no new landlord regulation was expected this year, but seemed to be in conflict with Cameron. A few days after Lewis issued his statement, Cameron indicated that more regulation would be forthcoming in a speech.

Now, landlords are unclear whether Lewis was right and Cameron was referring to right to rent or whether other housing and local government bills may include setting up a register.

Other expected announcements in the speech included:

  • Confirmations of a European Union referendum bill asking for a simple yes or no vote on whether Britain should remain in Europe
  • A lock on income tax VAT and national insurance contribution rates for five years, including plans to increase the personal income tax allowance to at least £12,500
  • More powers for English cities and national assemblies in Scotland and Wales – but a law limiting the powers of Scottish and Welsh MPs to vote on matters specific to England
  • Reinforcing the triple lock  which determines the annual rise in the State pension

More details on tax measures announced by the Queen will come in Chancellor George Osborne’s mini Budget on July 8, 2015.