Teignbridge District Council has launched a new scheme to encourage private landlords to improve the energy efficiency of their properties. Measures included in the scheme include loft and cavity wall insulation, installing new ‘A’ rated gas condensing boilers and installing or replacing a central heating system.  In exceptional cases where no alternative is available, it may even pay towards installing night storage heaters. 

To take part in the scheme, landlords must be completing work on an occupied property or one available for occupation.  Importantly, the assistance is only available where their tenant or subsequent tenant meets certain criteria that make them more likely to benefit from the financial benefits of an energy efficient home.  Tenants must be either in receipt of a means tested benefit, or aged 70 or over, or have a child less than six years old.


The scheme aims to reduce fuel poverty and make sure that those who need it most benefit from a warm home with more manageable energy bills; while for landlords it offers a cost-effective way to improve their property for the long term.


Applications will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis. The maximum grant assistance will be up to £575 per property with individual maximum levels depending on specific works carried out as follows;

  • £280 (or the actual cost, whichever is lower) towards loft insulation and/or cavity wall insulation (landlords can apply through the Cosy Devon scheme for insulation at subsidised prices –for which the landlord’s contribution will be eligible for assistance).
  • £400 towards the installation of a new/replacement ‘A’ rated gas condensing boiler
  • £400 towards the installation of a new central heating system with ‘A’ rated boiler.


The scheme does not cover work which has already been completed prior to applying, and applications must be made by private landlords rather than tenants.  Any landlord wishing to apply or find out more can call 01626 215764. Please note funding is limited so please apply as soon as possible.

Further details are also available on their website

Leaflet with more information

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