Tenancy Builder

Version 2.0

GDPR Agreement

By using the Tenancy Builder, theĀ Guild of Residential Landlords agree that any information entered into the Tenancy Builder will only be used for the sole purpose of providing you with a downloadable tenancy agreement. Any information entered will not be used for any other purpose.

What’s new?

NEW – You can now see all our changes which will be updated as and when here. Only recent changes shown below.

14 September 2018 – added link under ‘tenancy type’ to a new ‘Tenancy Wizard’ which will determine which tenancy you should use if you’re unsure.

8 August 2018 – Number of landlords increased to four. Added option to add a logo, for details on inserting a logo, see here. Also made signature page clearer.

6 August 2018 – Added assured tenancy to the builder. Warning! Only use this agreement if you know what you are doing! If in doubt, contact us.

Create new tenancy

Create a new assured shorthold tenancy agreement, lodger agreement or contractual tenancy. Various options make the agreementsĀ suitable for many uses including HMOs.


Edit / delete previous entry

Edit or delete a previous entry you’ve made. You can use a previous entry as a template for a new agreement or to simply obtain a new download link.

Quick BLANK Tenancy

A quick BLANK tenancy agreement. Only a couple of options are mandatory and a blank agreement is emailed for completion by pen.

Setup default information

Setup your default information such as landlord name, address and other information regularly the same. All information can be changed on a per tenancy basis.


See our knowledge base which includes short videos of some of the functionality of the Tenancy Builder. Also view the change log in this section.