Tenancy Builder

Version 2.0


Welcome to the new Tenancy Builder!

Only assured shorthold tenancies work at the moment. Contractual and lodger agreements have not been incorporated yet (but coming soon).

This builder is now stable although contents should continue to be checked.

What’s new?

9 July 2018 – New version of How to Rent Guide added to builder.

18 May 2018 – The lodger agreement is now integrated with the builder. It has been updated and includes GDPR information.

16 May 2018 – The contractual tenancy agreement is now part of the builder. It has been significantly updated and also includes GDPR statement.

Create new tenancy

Create a new assured shorthold tenancy agreement (others coming soon). Various options make the agreements suitable for many uses including HMOs.


Setup default information

Setup your default information such as landlord name, address and other information regularly the same. All information can be changed on a per tenancy basis.

Edit / delete previous entry

Edit or delete a previous entry you’ve made. You can use a previous entry as a template for a new agreement or to simply obtain a new download link.

Provide Feedback

Report a problem or offer a suggestion for future development.

Quick BLANK Tenancy

A quick BLANK tenancy agreement. Only a couple of options are mandatory and a blank agreement is emailed for completion by pen.