Just a short note to comment that the right to rent statutory code of practice has had a small update.

The statutory code has been in place since December 2014 for the trial period. Then, a new code was published for any tenancy in England granted on or after 1 February 2016. It is this new code that has had a further small update on 12 February 2016.

Under List A, group 2 (acceptable documents for an unlimited right to rent where at least two documents must be obtained), one option is that the landlord obtains:

A letter issued within the 3 months prior to the check from a British passport holder who works in (or is retired from) an acceptable profession as specified in the list of acceptable professional persons at Annex A. The letter should confirm the holder’s name, and confirm that the acceptable professional person has known the holder for at least 3 months. This letter should be signed by the acceptable professional person giving their name, address, passport number, profession and place of work (or former place of work if retired), how long they have known the holder and in what capacity.

The update to the statutory code updates Annex A and the list of acceptable professions for the purposes of who can write the letter.