We have today significantly updated our landlord handbook and online development course for our accreditation.

There are two handbooks to choose from – one for properties in England, the other for Wales.

The most significant changes are to the England version because it has been updated with all the 1 October 2015 changes including:

  • How To Understand Retaliatory Evictions
  • Getting Rid Of ‘Last Day Of Period’ From Section 21
  • Time Limits For Serving And Using A Section 21
  • New Prescribed Section 21 Form
  • Prescribed Legal Requirements Before Serving A Section 21 Notice
  • Prescribed Information (How To Rent Guide) To Be provided
  • Apportioned Rent Repayment After A Section 21 Notice
  • How To Comply With The Smoke And CO Regulations

The England and Wales versions have had a new section about home business tenancies inserted.

Both handbooks have had a few other minor changes but nothing significant other than described above.

In addition to the handbook, our online development course for accreditation has had all the same updates too.

Download the handbook here.

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