We have today released a new version (v1.1) of our very popular legionella risk assessment template for iOS and android devices. The template works with the impressive iAuditor app and is very easy to install.

Changes to template

A number of changes have been made to the template, primarily including the ability to add an exterior photograph(s) and the moving of the “mark to complete” button which iAuditor recently introduced and was fairly hidden on our template before this update. The complete button is now found underneath the signature section at the end of the audit.

Detailed changes to the template

A more detailed of the main changes are as follows:

  • added optional exterior photographs for report
  • added further questions if water is not supplied by mains
  • all questions contain an advisory (which is not shown on exported report) recommending the creation of a “follow-up” to encourage the use of this facility provided by the iAuditor app. A follow up can be created by selecting the 3 dots next to an answer as shown below

Template follow up

  • shower is now removed from the hot or cold outlets and the temperature is recorded in the shower section. This should be more intuitive
  • a number of items are now “mandatory” to be completed which aids as a reminder to assessors to ensure they are completed
  • all questions had the ability to add media (photos) via the 3 dots but we have additionally added a media field for most entries. The 3 dots still exist so that method can continue to be used if preferred
  • the tenants leaflet is now only displayed as a sample if the assessor selects “no” to the question whether occupiers are provided with information or not
  • void period information is only shown if “no” is selected along with an advisory follow up.
  • since creating the template, iAuditor added a new option of “completing” an audit by marking it so within the app. On our template, the button to mark complete was hidden at the very bottom of the tenants leaflet on the last page and the assessor had to scroll all the way to the bottom to find it. This has been fixed and the button will appear underneath the signature field on the new last page
  • the words “can be the same as dutyholder” will no longer be displayed under responsible person on an exported report.

Changes to profile

In addition to the template changes outlined above, profiles play a big part in the exporting of reports by the iAuditor app.

A new profile has been added to the template called “GRL Export”. When you go to export the report (for example as PDF by email) you can create “profiles”. These profiles can be edited in some depth and contain features such as displaying a logo, what to put on the title page and the quality of photos being displayed.

Our default profile matches the template and contains all the settings that we think look great on an exported report. If you had already set up a profile previously, you can still use that by selecting it.

If you decide to make any changes to our profile, remember to save it as something different (e.g. mycompany export) so that any future template updates don’t overwrite your changes made.

Some changes to the profile

Some of the things changed include:

  • a new cover page has added. This can be turned off in the profile settings
  • the title page has better information on the front with better fonts and sizes
  • through the encouragement of using the follow-up function of the app, a new follow up page will be produced (if there are any follow ups required).

More information about exporting and editing profiles can be found on the iAuditor support page here.


Download the template here.