We have today updated all our tenancy agreements. This includes the My Deposits agreement despite being updated only the other day.

The main changes to the assured shorthold tenancies are the inclusion of a new notice delivery clause specifically relating to email communication. In addition, the continuation, notice to terminate, subletting and end of tenancy clauses have been updated.

All prescribed information (where the tenancy agreements relate to a deposit scheme) have been updated as a result of the changes made above.

The contractual tenancy has had almost identical changes to the clauses mentioned above but has also had a couple of further new clauses added dealing with a notice to quit.

It is essential that you always keep up to date with all our tenancy agreements and whenever a new tenancy or renewal is being done, you should always download the latest from the website. A link to today’s updated documents are below:

In addition, we have today amended our section 8 notice guidance by increasing the suggested time from 16 to 20 days to allow even more time for postage. In addition, the court form guidance has been aligned with the section 21 accelerated possession guidance by the inclusion of a certificate of service.