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Joint and Several Tenancies

You are in Start of a Tenancy
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Joint tenants have split up, one moved out

Joint tenants in month three of a six month AST (using your tenancy agreement). Small child and dog. Deposit was paid by Tenant B's mother, who is noted as the relevant person (deposit is with ...

Renew Contract Agreements

A tenant has rented from us for the past 6 years, unfortunately his wife left him sometime ago, (more…)

Signatures on student tenancy agreement

Hi guildy, when signing a tenancy agreement with a tenant I have always taken 2 copies of it and we all sign each so I can give a signed one there and then to the tenant and I also have one. This

Deposit deduction for rent arrears with tenant swap

Hi there, Please could you help with a rent arrears situation that we have at present. We had a joint tenancy with 4 tenants which started in July 2015. Each tenant paid equal shares for the ...

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