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3.24 Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016

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The Renting Homes Act is currently awaiting full commencement and has had a number of consultation events take place.

The Act will change types of tenancy and how they operate in Wales. Some of the core changes proposed include:-

  • Some of the types of tenancy discussed earlier such as the assured shorthold tenancy will be replaced with a “standard contract” or “secure contract”. The standard contract would be used by the vast majority of landlords in the private rented sector with secure contracts being used by local authorities. The standard contract will be heavily based on the current assured shorthold tenancy in the way it works (2 months’ notice would still be possible for example).
  • A model standard contract is currently being consulted on which, although it could be altered, any changes would be strictly controlled.
  • All standard contracts will have to be in writing. If there was a failure, it would default to the model contract.
  • Joint tenants will be able to be added to and be removed from an existing contract with greater ease and flexibility.
  • There will be a specific procedure to deal with abandonment without the need for a court order.
  • Prevention of retaliatory evictions form part of the Act.


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