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3.25 Waste

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3.25 Waste

Landlords should ensure that the property has sufficient waste facilities for the anticipated usage. For example, in some local authorities, if there are more than say 5 people in the property it is entitled to a second waste bin. In order to minimise waste landlords should encourage recycling. Different local authorities have different systems and rules. For example in some areas the recycling is all on one container and in other areas the recycling is separated by the householder. A simple sheet, often available from the local authority, should be provided explaining the local system. Alongside this tenants should be told when the different collections take place.

Where vacating tenants leave waste in the property or garden on move out the landlord should arrange for this to be removed if it exceeds the capacity of the normal collection. Some of this can be reduced by providing tenants, as the move approaches, with information about bulk waste collection. Many local authorities provide a chargeable waste collection service for large times and telling the tenant how to engage with this service can reduce the amount left. It is important to understand that removing waste is a licensed activity and the landlord should only provide information about licensed waste carriers and should only use licensed waste carriers themselves. It is an offence to use an unlicensed waste carrier.